Christmas eve night out

Christmas Eve Night Out

Your Christmas Eve night out should arguably be the best night of the year, and if it doesn’t get that title in your mind, it should. Anticipation levels are at an all-time high as we wait for Father Christmas and no matter what they say, age doesn’t hinder the anticipation. It’s been ingrained since childhood, so naturally continues into adulthood.

With the panic of Christmas Day and Boxing Day on the horizon, it’s your last chance to let loose before full blown hectic family Christmas time ensues. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy full blown hectic family Christmas time, we just all know how exhausting it can get. You’ve been looking for things to do over Christmas and might even be planning a last minute Christmas party, but you’ve still gotta go big with your Christmas Eve night out.  It’s the night before the big day. The night of all nights. The night before.

This answer is to bring back that childish anticipation by thinking creatively when it comes to your Christmas Eve night out. The answer, then, is obvious. Head Westwards to Puttshack in White City. Why? Because not only does it incorporate a game and bar concept, but it’s THE game and bar concept. Combining technology with mini golf, it’s lightyears ahead of its counterparts. They still use scorecards, whereas over at Puttshack the ball actually has Trackaball technology inside it, so there’s no time for scorecards. Or cheaters. Then there’s the rum bar. Stocked to the brim with rums from all over the Caribbean and South America, from the new and trusty, to the downright naval. It’s like having history at your fingertips, or more specifically, your taste buds. The experience is the perfect combination of childhood nostalgia and festive fun, making it the perfect place to while away a few hours on your Christmas Eve night out.

One thing’s for sure, it’s a night out that is going to get seriously Christmessy (in the best way) because over at Puttshack, they know how to party.

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