Introducing Puttshack Jams

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Introducing Puttshack Jams

We believe that music connects us, and at Puttshack we only play straight up jams!

From our humble beginnings in the UK and our impactful journey into the US, we’ve carved out our dream of creating a vibrant social entertainment brand that ensures music isn’t an afterthought - no way! Our unstoppable passion for music fuels our associate and guest experience. Our in-venue curated playlists, DJs and live events ensure that we always bring the vibes.

In July, we added one more element to our music mix, queue our Spotify Playlist Series, Puttshack Jams. So, whether you're bouncing at the bar, groovin’ during your game or jammin’ out in the car believe the hype and welcome to the party!

An ode to our friends and fam in the UK and US, our inaugural Puttshack Jams playlist bumps through the sounds and scenes from both sides of the pond. Always vibes. Press play and pull up!

Check out some of our track highlights from the LDN to ATL Playlist:

Greentea Peng - Dingaling
The album that will soundtrack your summer! Greentea Peng’s sensational debut album ‘Man Made’ is an effortless mix of genres, including reggae, neo-soul and r&b. She’s one to keep an eye on. Yes, you can thank us later…

Doja Cat - Get Into It (Yuh)
Doja’s highly anticipated album ‘Planet Her’ has been released. This tune takes inspo and gives a little shout out to Nicki Minaj. Plus, that hook - let’s face it, it’s TikTok ready!

Sammy Virji ft Lucy Virji - Alright
Sammy is a HUGE part of the UK’s garage revival. 2-step, 4x4 and bassline will transport you straight into the UK’s club scene. Hey, and Sammy might just be your next fav producer.

Nivea ft Jagged Edge & Mystikal - Don’t Mess With My Man
POW - throwbacks that give you life! Originally released in 2002 and feels just as good in 2021. Psst, more southern goodness has recently been announced via D-Nice’s Club Quarantine with special guests, including Jagged Edge. Live show in Chastain Park, ATL in the fall. TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Prince - Chelsea Rodgers
An absolute legend with an insane repertoire of music. This is one of the funkiest tunes EVER - blending disco, gospel and brass. Ooh, we’re here for it!

SAULT ft Little Simz - You from London
Recently dropped and we love it! ‘Nine’ is the album that everyone has been waiting for from the mysterious and incredible UK collective, SAULT. The group released that it’s only available for ninety nine days. Go check, it’s a masterpiece!!

Enjoy the tunes y’all and keep your eyes peeled for August’s Summer Soundsystem playlist coming at ya Sunday!

Tune in to the Puttshack Jams Spotify Playlist here.

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