Women's History Month: Saturdays are for the Girls

Any guesses on the theme of Women’s History Month 2023? Going once, going twice.... Alright, we’ll help a girl out. This month is all about “celebrating women who tell our stories.” It’s a time to recognize women, past and present, who have influenced the various forms of media and storytelling as we know them today. If we haven’t made it obvious, self-expression through music is practically our middle name! And what better time to celebrate the iconic “f* you” anthems, sappy love songs, poetic tearjerkers, and strong independent lady bops that have seen us through all of life’s monumental moments and allowed us to so perfectly share our own stories!

Starting off the month strong, we’re connecting all the ladies across our communities in ATL, CHI, MIA, BOS, STL and more with our woman-pioneered Jams playlist, “Q.U.E.E.N.”! Let’s give it up for all the badass women out there that have unapologetically pushed the envelope and paved the way for other aspiring artists. And because blessing your Spotify with our Jams playlist is simply not enough, we’re having female DJs perform in our venues on Saturday evenings! Let’s make some noise for this month’s lineup – we’ve got @sedthesaint raising the roof in Atlanta, @rocksteadyy_ and @ariza4real gettin' hot in Miami, @dj_lilcurls over in Oakbrook, AND MORE!

Not only do we love to celebrate all those who identify as women, but we also have a soft spot for supporting the nonprofits organizations in our communities. Puttshack Miami gives back to a local nonprofit called Girls Make Beats. GMB helps girls further their careers as music producers, DJs, and audio engineers by creating real-world opportunities to break barriers in the music industry... you know, like performing a guest daytime set at Puttshack! What can we say, we’re suckers for helping dreams come to life!

So let’s pour one out for our up-and-coming artists, musical geniuses, and influential women across the globe.

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