Puttshack Jams: Jingle vs Disco Ballin'

December - Jingle vs Disco Ballin’

Come on, T’is the szn to get vibey! Staying in? Cool. Party with us? Now, we’re talking. Toe-tapping, body-moving and shimmy shimmy ya - we’re all set to festive you up, and welcome 2022. Merry New Year!

Check out some of our track highlights from the Jingle vs Disco Ballin’ Playlist:

Aloe Blacc - Funky Ass Christmas

On repeat - “We gon' have a funky ass Christmas, It's gonna be a vibe, yeah”. We hear you Aloe, we hear you!

Fatback Band, Dave Lee - (Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop - London Bus Stop Mix

40 years on and this disco hit still brings us joy, and this remix is done to perfection. It’s a bonafide anthem to keep you jamming through the holidays!

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Sorry not sorry. Guilty pleasure or festive standard? Don’t be shy. You decide…

Young MC - Know How

Remember those crazy energetic dance-floor battles? Whack on this jam and relive those moments. 100% dance-floor ready.

Run-D.M.C. - Christmas In Hollis

Sampling “Frosty the Snowman”, “Back Door Santa”, “Jingle Bells and “Joy to the World” - PHEW, there’s definitely a party going on.

Prince - 1999

Purple trench coat and custom designed guitar is highly encouraged. Bless the universe for giving us Prince. To show gratitude, blast this on Dec 31st. Only seems right, right?!

Tune in to the Puttshack Jams Spotify Playlist here.

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