Best Golf Bar London Has Ever Seen

Tue Nov 12 2019

Best golf bar

Here at Puttshack, we take drinking pretty seriously. So seriously that we’ve put our bar slap bang in the middle of the venue, pride of place, as it should be. We’ve got to make it clear that we are the best golf bar London has ever seen.

We’ve centred our bar on that favourite of swashbuckling pirates (the real type, not the Johnny Depp in eyeliner type) – rum! And we’ve looked high and low for our rum collection, because we want you to try something totally different every time you come to the bar. We’ve searched in auction houses, wine merchants, even in pirate caves in Penzance (well, okay that might be a lie…) to serve you the rarest rums that any golf bar in London has ever seen. Good, eh?
So you want to know which of the many, many rums is my favourite? Well, I had to try ALL OF THEM to make a fair decision, but it has to be Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof British Naval Rum. This is the exact same rum that the British Navy issued daily to its seamen until 1970, and the alcohol content is high enough that gunpowder still lights if soaked in it. Now that’s a story! Even better, it combines zingy ginger, smooth vanilla, and deep treacle notes to create one helluva rum.

So, make a note in your diary and come and try our rums. This is truly the most awesome golf bar in London, or anywhere in the world!

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