Mini golf, more fun in groups, mad skills not needed.

Puttshack comprises of four courses of nine holes; each one a rich immersive experience – inspired by both arcade and fairground games.

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Here’s how much it costs

Each game is 9 holes, lasting approx. 20 - 45 minutes. Multiple games can be booked.

Puttshack welcomes groups of all sizes. Booking groups will be divided into sets of 5, to play the courses, however our Trackaball technology allows you to compete against any number of people – so no group is too big.

Kids must be supervised by at least one responsible adult per group of five under 12s. Check out Puttshack Family Club for more details on kids tee times.

A valid I.D may be required upon entry.

Adult Game (peak) £10.00
5-12 yrs £6.50

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