A Rum Bar in London You Need to Try

London is known for many things - expensive rent, a river that is more mud than river, a rich historical tapestry, tube journeys which require zero eye contact, cultural diversity, and of course, a vast array of places to keep you satisfyingly fed and watered. The latter is definitely something I am particularly acquainted with. Restaurants pop up left, right, and centre here in London and are becoming increasingly more diverse in what they offer.

Puttshack – A Rum Bar in London That You Need to Try

If like me, your chosen poison is rum, and you happen to be in West London (or actually anywhere in a 50 mile radius), then Puttshack is undoubtedly a rum bar in London that you need to try. With an extensive list of rums to peruse, Puttshack is more than your average rum bar. Choose from classic rum cocktails, including a Mojito made with Pampero white rum, a Piña Colada laced with Don Q and Koko Kanu, or my personal favourite, the Pineapple Daiquiri which incorporates Plantation Pineapple rum.

Feeling more adventurous? There are another 120 or so rums to choose from hailing from the coasts of Bermuda, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Japan, and Venezuela to name just a few. Not forgetting the select rums which can’t be found anywhere else in London! Bring on the rum cocktails, rum flights, rum tastings, and the need for more rum bars in London. The rum revolution is here. Are you ready?

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