Best Mini Golf in the Capital

Mini golf has now become its own phenomenon. In fact, the first documented mini golf course was created in Europe in 1926 by Fr. Schroder in Hamburg, so it’s still a relatively new game with plenty of contendors for the best mini golf experience in London.

When looking for the best mini golf places, you’ve got to take several things into account. Namely, location, price, and of course recommendations. Location-wise, you want somewhere easy to access with limited walking and waiting time in between. But that’s just me. Price-wise, something not so expensive that you’ll be eating super noodles until payday. An even medium. Luckily, Puttshack caters to all of these. Mini golf is priced at £12.50 per person, and location wise it’s right by Wood Lane and White City tube stations. The dream.

The mini golf itself is not your average mini golf game either. It’s super tech mini golf, the techiest mini golf around. To put it in simpler terms, there’s GPS tracking in every ball. No more cheating when no-one’s looking, losing scorecards or spilling drinks on them, and it doesn’t even matter which order you go in – the screens know who you are. Genius? I think so. Also when the British weather turns grey, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you’re inside! Nobody likes getting caught in the rain, unless you’ve got a piña colada – and at Puttshack, there’s a truckload more rum cocktails and you can enjoy them inside – rain free. Which is why it definitely deserves the title of best mini golf in London.

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