Cheap Things to Do in London: Kick-Start Your 2019!

If you look hard enough, you can find a variety of cheap things to do in London. Whether that’s eating a kebab from the local down the road at 2am, gaining entry into one of London’s many free events, a walk in the local park, or making the most of the many restaurant offers available across the city.

It’s true that when you really look, there are an abundance of cheap things to do in London. But it seems the most enticing cheap things are the expensive things at a discount. The things you wish you could afford that suddenly, thanks to a sale, you now can. All hail the sales! At Puttshack, the value for money is sky rocketing as from Boxing Day and all through January, you can enjoy 50% off your food bill every day except Saturday. But it doesn’t stop there…

On top of the glorious 50% off their delicious food menu, January will also play host to another cheeky offer you won’t want to miss. 2-4-1 on mini golf games during off-peak hours. That means you can get TWO rounds of mini golf for as little as £7.50! If that’s not good value for money, we don’t know what is.

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