Crazy Golf Essex is Going to be a Thing

Crazy and Essex are two words that normally go hand in hand, but Crazy Golf Essex probably not… Recently Essex has been dominated by the TOWIE scene. It might be the 500th season, yet I still avidly watch! But tell me which will have the most dramatic entrance? A new season of TOWIE, Gemma Collins on ice, or the opening of Puttshack in Essex? Yes, you heard that right, Crazy Golf Essex is happening, and soon… and this is no ordinary Crazy Golf; this is super charged Crazy Golf on rocket fuel with putting edge technology. You see what I did there…

With Puttshack coming to Essex, this means far more than just using the soon to be roof terrace to top up your tan but more about creating an experience. If the roof terrace doesn’t get you excited enough, wait till you see the bar. We have over 127 different types of rum, making Puttshack the hottest new date spot for a drink in the whole county, can you name a better one? Exactly.

To top it all off, there is a prize wheel, yes free bar tab potentially coming your way. So come and check us out as soon as we open, what could be better than rum, sun and a bit of fun? Book today

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