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A big family Christmas is something we all look forward to. There’s no better time of the year to get all your loved ones together for some quality time and festive fun! Keeping everyone in the family happy and entertained is a universal challenge at this time of year but fear not, we are here to help! Here’s our quick selection of some of the best things you and your loved ones can do to create some truly unforgettable holiday memories.

1. Go see the Christmas lights

If there’s one thing that can bring together different generations, it’s the charming majesty of the sparkling Christmas lights found all around the country. In London, this is especially the case, as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden and many more are illuminated with captivating displays.

2. Enjoy some ice skating

There’s actually a ton of great places to go ice skating in the capital, which is perfect - no ice-skating venue we can think of is lacking in sparkle or atmosphere, whether it be the Natural History Museum, the Tower of London or Somerset House. There is however one we’ve left out, because we feel that it deserves some special attention!

3. Tantalise your senses at the Winter Wonderland

Alongside Hyde Park’s world-famous yearly Winter Wonderland skating rink is a huge array of attractions, including funfair rides and classic carnival games all wrapped up in that irresistible Christmassy atmosphere. Festive music plays and your senses are overloaded with winter goodness. And of course, if you’re a fan of games, then we might also have another perfect Christmas family option for you.

4. Take a swing with Puttshack Family Club

Here at Puttshack, we love Christmas and we are all about creating lasting family memories. However, while other venues stick to tried and tested formulas for fun, Puttshack is all about taking things to the next level with a mini-golf experience like nothing else you’ve ever tried before!

It’s also the ideal game to bring all the family members together, providing a challenge that’s easy to approach but rewarding to master. This means people of all abilities can enjoy our futuristic, boundary-pushing take on a classic game at the most magical time of the year.

We cater specifically to families because we know how important that time together is, under 18s can stay at our venues until 6pm.

5. Visit the Museum of the Home

Finally, we have the Museum of the Home which has the distinct honour of being one of the few Christmas attractions where your kids can both learn and have fun. Every year, this museum – which usually shows us how our homes have changed since 1600 – has a free exhibition of Christmas Past. This showcases centuries of tradition and Christmas magic, so you can feel how the festive season has grown throughout the ages.

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