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THE best thing for couples to do in London

Looking for quirky activities, a brilliant bar and good food? Puttshack Bank is your perfect match.

Word to Rihanna, you found love in a hopeless place. London may be the city of late nights and socialising, but there’s space for you loved up people too. Relationships can be hard but finding a cool and fun place for your date night certainly isn’t. Meet your sweetheart in the heart of London and keep the fun going all night long!

Tap out of the real world and enter a world of high tech mini golf at Puttshack. You’ll find everything you need to make your honey happy.

Indoor mini golf at Puttshack Bank

Putt around together, throw in a bet and make the loser do the dishes for the next month – way to keep things exciting! With more obstacles than the pair of you have faced in the past week, Puttshack has taken the traditional game of mini golf and fused it with forward thinking technology – a complete twist to an original game of golf.

Drinks at Puttshack Bank

Dear Daiquiri, lets make a Whisk Assessment of this date night! You may be losing, but your partner's happy and keeps reminding you who Rums the World. With a delicious drink in your hand and a golf club in the other, these City Sippers are having a great time!

Tasty food at Puttshack

A date night where choosing what to eat isn’t hard at all? Sounds like a dream, but we’ve made it your reality…

Want to woo your partner without breaking the bank? Sharing Is Caring, so come and Grab A Pizza the Action. Now you’re All Fired Up, whether it’s Burger She Wrote or a Shack Salad, the Proof's in The Pudding – the entrée ain’t as good without A Bit on The Side (I wouldn’t repeat that to your partner).

Music and Entertainment

The party doesn’t stop once the food, drinks and games are done. Our bangers will keep you dancing all night (well until our doors close!) Now we’ve got you in a partying mood, you’ll want to keep going until the AM, so visit our neighbours at Forge Bar, Proud Cabaret City or Dirty Martini. Keep the vibes and drinks flowing all night!

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