Indoor Activities in London

Londoners almost never leave the house without an umbrella, so is it any surprise that they possibly have the widest choice of indoor activities? With social entertainment venues like Puttshack, the idea has become far less about beating the rain, and far more about beating your opponent!

With totally brand new game elements like supertubes, hazards and bonus points, mini golf just got technologically turbo charged! Paired with the Trackaball tech, it not only means we can say adios to cheaters (you know who you are), but the game just went to a (w)hole new level! To put it in a different context, think of your allocated golf ball as a petite, spherical genius and your putter, its teacher, guiding it around each course. Dreamy.

To top it all off, there’s a prize wheel (hello, free bar tab) as well as the Puttshack Social leaderboard, so you can improve your score every time you go. If you’re as competitive as me, this definitely makes Puttshack an indoor activity to watch. The only way to believe it is to come down to Puttshack and see it for yourself.

Better get booked in!

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