Make the most of Veganuary at Puttshack!


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Committed to completing Veganuary? We’ll make it easy for you with some vegan ideas this January. We salute you for your clean-eating approach to the new year and we’re going to support your journey!


Here at Puttshack we appreciate the importance of veganism. We’re here to share some of the tastiest options to keep you warm! Our entire menu is developed by our in-house chef Rich. “Vegan dishes are full of nutrients and we want to fill our guests with goodness. That’s why we’ve carefully created our vegan options so that non-vegans can enjoy them too!” – Rich.

Whether you’re looking for a starter or side, main, dessert or all of the above, we have a vegan option to excite your every taste bud.


At Puttshack you can say Adios A-Meat-Gos Nachos! There are no dull flavours around here, our meat-free nachos include salted tortillas, coconut yoghurt, crushed avocado, tomato salsa, grilled vegan cheese, pickled chillies & spicy corn seasoning! Tell your taste buds we said "you’re welcome"!

Vegan vibes

We’re here for the Vegan Vibes and our grilled courgettes are too; smoked olives, roasted peppers, vegan cheese and crushed spicy corn and herb dressing. Like we said, Puttshack has made Veganuary extra tasty for you!

Our We Ain’t Got No Beef burger will blow your taste buds away! Made with a chargrilled mushroom and beetroot patty, topped with avocado, pickles, smoked gouda cheese, onion, gem lettuce, Sriracha sauce, French’s mustard and ketchup and served with shack fries. Delicious!

Lettuce know

If there is anything we can do, Lettuce Know. Who said salads are boring? Order the Lettuce Know salad and prove everyone wrong. Combined with round leaf salad, pomegranate, olives, tomatoes and mustard dressing – you’ll be glad we educated you on just how delicious salads could be!

Share and care

Whether your group is going vegan or it’s just you, we have options for everyone. Spread the love with our sharing options or have a tasty meal to yourself. Alternatively, you can have it all and add a bit on the side so that your date, party or family can have a slice of the action too.

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