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Solovey Cocktail The Nightingale
SOLOVEY - The Nightingale Cocktail

Here at Puttshack, we’re proud to support Solovey’s mission to support Ukrainian refugees with all profits from every bottle of their vodka purchased going towards War Child’s
Ukraine Emergency Fund.
At Puttshack, we've created The Nightingale, a delicious cocktail using Solovey Vodka, peach liqueur , apricot liqueur, peach purée , lemon, sugar and bubbles.

Solovey's Mission

"We are raising £1,000,000 to support Ukrainian refugees with all profits from every bottle sold going to War Child’s Ukraine Emergency Fund and in employing refugees in the UK to run Solovey. We are proud to have just hired our first two Ukrainian refugees."

Solovey is the brainchild of Yasha Estraikh, whose heritage is Ukrainian and came to the UK when he was a seven-year-old.

Yasha: “When the war broke out, as someone who is of Ukrainian heritage and still has family in eastern Ukraine, I asked myself what I could do with my contacts and experience in building brands that would have a disproportionate impact in helping people in Ukraine. I wanted to create a purpose-led brand that would stand on its own two feet and would help child refugees in perpetuity well after the media headlines have disappeared by creating a brand loved by consumers and bartenders alike. The goodwill that this project has generated has been unbelievable and allowed the brand to launch in just two months.”

Solovey Bird

Solovey the brand

Solovey means Nightingale in Ukrainian and is the Ukrainian national animal and steeped in Ukrainian folklore. The logo has been designed by celebrated Ukrainian illustrator Anna Sarvira. Solovey is being supported by East London Liquor Co, which is distilling and bottling the vodka

You can support by ordering The Nightingale at your favourite Puttshack. Book here.

Charity Number: 1071659

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