Things to Do in Essex for Teens - Puttshack

There’s nothing for them to do. That’s what we are always told, that teens get so restless because there’s no entertainment or activities suitable for them locally. And for most areas that’s sadly true. However, Lakeside is not most areas! There are so many options, teeeagers are spoilt for choice and keep coming back for more things to do, including our very own Puttshack.

Adults - need to drop off your teens and wait around for them to stop having fun? There’s plenty to do in and around the area for you so everyone gets to enjoy their day out - win win!

With that in mind, we’ll be sticking inside the shopping centre for this one to show you how much is available in this great space. So here’s our top five!


We think Puttshack is the perfect day out for teenagers. Like bowling it is super easy to learn so anyone can have a go regardless of previous skill or knowledge!

Here at Puttshack we take indoor mini golf to the next level - whoever walks through our doors will have an unforgettable experience. Yes, it’s a competition, but fun is always the winner!

We've also got a great selection of food and can cater to a large variety of group sizes. Ultimately, your experience at Puttshack is all about customising the perfect day out.

Hollywood Bowl

A classic for a reason, bowling has been a perfect day out for teenagers and adults alike for generations.

And of course, that’s not all Hollywood Bowl has to offer, you can also take part in a range of Arcade experiences, including more practical games and brand new virtual reality experiences.

Flip Out

Looking for something a little bit more active? Flip Out is a great way to get rid of some energy in a fun and safe environment. It has that wow factor of being something unique and to be remembered making it perfect for all kinds of different occasions. We think it's ideal to follow it up with something more chilled. Speaking of which...


Everyone remembers going to the cinema as a kid, the smell of the popcorn, the hall where you can vaguely hear all the different films behind the big double doors.. Whether teens are going with their friends or with their parents, the cinema is the perfect way to catch the latest blockbuster films on a mega screen with surround sound. We might be biased but we highly recommend that you do something else alongside the cinema...High tech mini golf anyone?

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