Things to Do in London for Teens – Puttshack

Heading to London with your mates? Spent your day doing tour-de-London and now you’re tired of tapping your oyster card? Lucky for you, you’ll find everything you need at Puttshack.

Indoor Mini Golf

Our leading edge, Super Tech Mini Golf is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and you won’t have to worry about your bestie trying to cheat during the game – our patent protected technology will ensure that no-one gets to cheat – we see you hun, soz!

You’ll need to stay hydrated to keep your skills sharp! Take a sip of this, we’ve got shakes to keep you pumped throughout the game – choose from Oreo, Skittles and Banoffee!

Drinks in the City

It’s Berry Nice To Meet You, come let's have a Tea Of A Time and Catch The Buzz with some mocktails! Drinks so good you’ll be thanking the heavens for our extensive drink’s menu.

Delicious food in London

Looking for starters to share or a little something of your own? Indulge and satisfy your every desire with our variety of pizzas, burgers and tasty vegan options! That’s not all, the proof's in the pudding, we’ve considered everyone when building our treat filled menu. You don’t need to worry, we have tonnes of vegan and gluten free desserts too!

Settle in, get comfy, everything you need is here. Whether you’re visiting us for a couple of hours, or you want to make your day trip an evening party, we have all you need to make a vibe!

The spot to listen to the best music

Boogie whilst you play, best believe we have the most banging jams playing all night long. Keep updated on who our DJs are if you’re visiting between Thursday – Saturday, chances are you may recognise them!

Stunt on them all day long. Watch your followers get FOMO as you share your Puttshack experience on Snapchat and Instagram! You wouldn’t want to miss out on that chance, would you?

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