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You may not realise it, but a lot of people take crazy golf pretty darn seriously. We’re not suggesting you should have any less fun, or that you should give up your life in pursuit of the perfect game. But if you want to get a little better, then we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Here, we are going to look at six of the most vital things to remember if you want to learn how to win at crazy golf!

1. Master the basics

If you are new to the game, then the most important thing is to get an understanding of the rules and the basic ideas. Thankfully, it’s extremely simple. You want to complete the course in as few shots as possible and the person with the least amount of shots wins. There are some special versions of mini golf that work differently but that’s pretty much the gist of it.
The next thing to know is how to hold a club. You do this by putting your dominant hand at the top and gripping the side using your other hand with your fingers pointed down. If you are having trouble, ask a friend or member of staff for help. From here, you’ll want to position yourself to swing the club. Top tip : put your front foot in front of the ball, facing straight towards it and bending your knees ever so slightly.

2. Examine the course

What sets crazy golf apart from so many other sports are the courses. This means that every time you play mini golf in a different place, you have a different set of obstacles to face. While other sports are about doing to same thing over and over to reach perfection – and so is mini golf to an extent – there’s a need to be flexible here. This unpredictability makes the game so much fun, after all. The best way to combat this is to take a long hard look at the course you are playing on. Examine it for all its potential, the hazards and the pitfalls and try to come up with an overall strategy!

3. Watch your opponents

Due to the the unique nature of the courses, trial and error does come into play and this is a big part of the game’s appeal. However, the speed in which you can adjust to this process really makes all the difference between success and failure. Learn from your your opponents and let them make the mistakes for you! Watch them closely to see what works then adjust your play accordingly.

4. Practise whenever you can

Whether you want to get great at mini golf, master the art of French cuisine or juggle flaming maracas, you’ll need to practise. Of course, the best way of doing this is at an actual mini golf course, like ours. However, you should get practise in wherever you can. If you have a club, try hitting a golf ball into a cup, or make a little obstacle course. No club? Hit an orange with a stick. It might not help but you’ll probably have a good time.

5. Be zen

Zen is not a villain from an 80s action show: it’s a state of mind. Crazy golf is all about enjoying yourself! However, if you get stuck on a certain obstacle, fun can turn into frustration very quickly. And frustration is the enemy of victory. You’ll rush things. You’ll hit the ball too hard. Not only will you lose but you will look a fool the entire time you are losing. So, relax. It’s just a game.

6. Stay focused on your technique

Following on from our last point, try to avoid focusing too hard on the scoreboard and not enough on your technique. If you are falling a little bit behind, it can be easy to throw away all the hard work you have been putting in so far. Instead, focus on one shot at a time and don’t get distracted by the fact that you’re losing – really, really badly. He’s doing a victory dance behind me, isn’t he?

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