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There’s no shortage of places to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Essex. It’s a wonderful location to spend pretty much all of the holiday seasons. However, with all that choice it can be easy to forget that a lot of these places fill up fast. So your options could be going through all of the hassle of looking for a night yourself or having a boring night in at home.

Well, at Puttshack, we simply can’t stand for that. This is the New Year after all. And not only that, it’s the beginning of a brand new decade! The thought of it has made us pull up our big winter socks to provide you with a last-minute New Year’s Eve party worthy of such an occasion.

But first of all, let us introduce ourselves.

Puttshack – we bring mini golf into the future

Here at Puttshack, we love games. Especially those childhood classics which manage to balance a heady hit of nostalgia with the solid fundamentals which have brought people so much fun over the years. However, there’s little doubt that some games have failed to evolve.

For a long time, mini golf was the perfect example of this. It’s imaginative, versatile and there are few better games for appealing to so many people and so many different abilities. You find just as much joy in playing for the first time as the hundredth time, and you can enjoy competing against people with hugely different skill levels. It’s that flexibility which makes it stand the test of time, and why it is perfect for large groups.

For many people though, those happy memories also come with chipped paint and courses that have seen better days. Well, we didn’t just want to give this game a new lick of paint, we wanted to reimagine it for the modern age while retaining the great things that made it so wonderful in the first place.

And we think we have achieved just that; our courses are the absolute cutting-edge of mini golf in looks and gameplay. Not only that, but we think they are perfect for a party, and for those looking for last minute New Year deals.

Bringing the Puttshack party to Essex

This is New Year’s Eve so we have to take it to the next level. Let's start by staying up late, it is New Year’s Eve after all, so midnight is a minimum. Let’s say we start at 7 pm and keep the party going to 2 am, for seven solid hours of mini golf magic.

And of course this is a party, so we’ll need a custom DJ line up to keep things moving. How about some special decorations? Light up neon balloons and confetti cannons for the midnight countdown will do nicely. We can even have a prize wheel! And we’ll need some party polaroids and a photographer to capture those memories.

Finally, to sweeten what we think is the ultimate in last minute New Year’s Eve deals, we’re giving you tickets with normal bookings prices. Yes, we think that should just about do it!

Remember, that the party kicks off at our Puttshack venue at 7 pm and if you plan on staying late and having a couple of drinks with us we'd love it if you try and organise travel home in advance. It’s a good idea to prebook a taxi, just in case that night bus isn't ready to go when you are.

Ready to make your last minute New Year's Eve booking? Find everything you need here with us at Puttshack!

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