Look Out for Puttshack, a Bar Dedicated to the Glory of Rum

Glory of Rum

The list of venues and bars now dedicating themselves to a certain Caribbean, pirate-friendly, liquor is growing ever longer. Yes, you guessed it, the streets of London are flowing with rum. Flooding in fact. Whether they are bars channelling those island vibes with a bit of tacky tiki or just those who want to really celebrate the expansive history of rum, there’s no doubt about it. The title of best rum bar in London is officially up for grabs, and Puttshack is ready for the taking.

Considering the majority of the nation’s favourite cocktails tend to be rum-based, it’s no surprise that rum is on the rise. As Samuel Fishwich states in his article for the Evening Standard last month, “rum is a reliably social spirit. You couldn’t drag it away from the party if you tried.” And why would you want to? Socialising is half the fun, the other half resting firmly in the rummy beverage in your hand. If it tastes good, we’re happy. And boy does rum taste good.

The Best Rum Bar in London

So far, the search for the best rum bar in London has led to one particular spot in West London. Puttshack. Mecca for rum renegades, technophiles and mini golf fans alike, it’s a triple whammy of fans, food and fun. What stands out is the extremely detailed Rum Bible which lists Puttshack’s extensive rum collection. Sourced from far and wide (Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, and Guatemala to name a few) the Rum Bible provides information on rum production and classification, tasting notes, maps, glossaries and facts. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Speaking of beauty, the cocktails themselves are pretty spectacular too. Whether it’s the Zombie, Air Mail, or my personal favourite, the Gold Digger made with Pampero White rum, Fernet Branca digestif, Crème de Banana liqueur, bergamot purée and gold. GOLD. Pirates, rejoice! We’ve found buried treasure.

The cocktail list still holds traditional favourites such as Piña Coladas and Mojitos. Worth noting then, that Rum Punch isn’t just a name concocted out of nowhere, it’s because the rum really does pack a punch, leaves a mark, makes you feel like you’ve had a proper drink. Sailor style. And this is only the beginning.

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