New bars in West London

New bars in West London are cropping up more frequently than a cold in winter, but far less soul destroying. Although both may leave you curled up in bed wishing you felt better! Bars in London in are becoming increasingly more whacky – it’s like there is some sort of unwritten challenge to create the quirkiest bar destination possible. West London is no different - from doodle walls to prohibition inspired speakeasies, new bars in West London are jumping on the quirky bandwagon. Fact.

But topping the list has to be Puttshack! With a rum selection to beat all rum selections (over 100 to choose from), DELICIOUS food and the world’s first super tech mini golf experience, what could beat it? When you put all that together under one roof, there’s no denying the unified magic it creates. Super-tech-mini-golfing-rum-drinking-pizza-eating magic. The best kind.

Adios to the gin bars of London and hola to a whole new age of rum bars. The rum selection at Puttshack is so extensive that they even have their very own Rum Bible. So if you’re a rum connoisseur, just a fan, or a rum virgin, you can find out all you need to know and even a few fun facts historical facts!

New bars in West London

Basically, your new life motto shouldn’t be ‘go to the gym more’, it should be ‘head West’, or as Beyoncé might put it, ‘to the left, to the left.’ If not for rum, for mini golf.

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