Fun Indoor Activities in London – Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out

Fun indoor activities in London are hard to come by because you don’t realise how good they truly are until after you’ve left. Mini golf at Puttshack in an experience you won't take for granted and you'll be coming back for more and telling all your friends about it too.

Puttshack is what fun indoor activities in London are all about. It’s gaming in real-time, turbo charged mini golf that packs a punch. It’s everything you could want from a fun indoor activity and more. Not only is the mini golf completely brand new and innovative, they have a restaurant serving up a storm of good quality food and a destination rum bar at its centre. This isn’t just any rum bar though, with over 100 rums sourced from far and wide, it’s a rum bar to be envious of, and a good enough reason to head to West London alone.

Once again, Puttshack proves that gaming is more than any old fun indoor activity in London, it’s THE fun indoor activity in London. It’s the coolest mini golfing place on the block and we just can’t wait to see more and more Puttshacks pop up throughout 2019 in the UK, and beyond.

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