How Puttshack Switched Up The Crazy Golf London Game

Crazy Golf in London – Puttshack

When you search for crazy golf London, you want to find a place where all disbelief is suspended, where reality is chucked out the window, where you forget what day, week, month is it. Hell, you even forget how old you are! To be really crazy, you need to be doing stuff like putting your ball along drum skins, or aiming to get your ball into a red cup like beer pong. Now that’s the sort of crazy golf London needs. Amirite?

In the olden days, the most crazy you’d get at crazy golf would be a putt through a windmill, over a little bridge, or round a bunker. BUT THANKFULLY, Puttshack has switched up the crazy golf London game, big style. And you, my friends, will thank us. You can putt your ball at a duck, along a half pipe – you name it, Puttshack probably has it. Contact us at for booking enquiries.

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