Miniature Golf London: The Best London Has To Offer

It’s all the rave at the moment – socialising and drinking whilst doing some sort of activity – they are popping up around London like whackamoles. Yes, who else remembers hitting those poor moles as a child? Well that is the kind of experience we are trying to give…

With Miniature Golf London being one of the most popular social activities hitting the capital, you have to come down and check out the coolest miniature golf bar to hit London, possibly in fact the world. Puttshack is taking Miniature Golf London to a HOLE new level by transforming the traditional game of mini golf and PUTTING a technological spin on it. In total we have 4 courses, that’s a whopping 36 holes – crazy golf indeed! That means even if the traditional 18 holes of golf wouldn’t keep you busy, then we certainly will. Miniature Golf London hasn’t witnessed anything like it, I can guarantee that!

Not only that, but the design is awesome, reminiscent of Las Vegas, with an unbelievable array of design elements that is a feast for the eyes. Speaking of feasts, the food designed by Richard Edney is absolutely delicious and a lot healthier than a lot of the other social entertainment pretenders out there.

Even if mini golf isn’t your thing, then head on over to our bar which has a ridiculous selection of rum, 127 different ones in fact. We promise to make an absolute rum convert out of all of you!

Puttshack is not only rare due to its uniqueness in terms of Miniature Golf London, but also due to its location in Westfield, now one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, with plentiful parking spaces, overground/train access as well as a 5 minute walk away from Wood Lane and White City tube stations. I mean it is so accessible that, it’s almost impossible to sack off the mates when they’ve organised it so long in advance.

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