The Most Exciting Indoor Crazy Golf London Has

Indoor crazy golf!

Picking your favourite hole at mini golf is a bit like picking your favourite Spice Girls' song – it sort of feels wrong because you love them all but there’s a couple which really hold a special place in your heart. So I’ve decided to reveal a big secret, and tell you my top 3 holes at Puttshack, the ground-breaking indoor crazy golf London is home to (p.s. Say You’ll Be There is clearly the best Spice Girls' song!)

Top 3 holes at Puttshack Indoor Crazy Golf

Starting with Number 3 – Pipe Dream – the one that takes me back to my Tony Hawk Skateboard days. You need to putt the ball up and down the halfpipe flawlessly to ensure you score the most points – this one needs a lot of practice – it’s not super easy - be prepared to putt out all the stops to make this one!
In at number two is Drum Roll. For this hole, precision is absolutely key – you need to hit the ball in the perfect place on the first drum skin in order to bounce all the way along to the hole. It’s a lot tougher that you think, but it’s one you will want to master.

And number 1 – surely this has to be the Prize Wheel hole?! This is your opportunity to WIN BIG if you just have a little faith, a steady hand, and a big dose of luck. “What can I win??” I hear you ask. But that’d be telling – you’ll have to come down to Puttshack to find out. B one of the first to experience the most exciting indoor crazy golf London has!

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