The Most Incredible Mini Golf London Has To Offer

Mini golf in London

We all remember the first time we played mini golf, don’t we? My first time was when I was 8 years old, and it was in Bournemouth at the height of summer. A seagull stole my ice cream and I managed to putt my ball into the sea. But hey, I still had an awesome time.

But that was then – this is now! When you’re looking for mini golf, London is no Bournemouth. Because Bournemouth doesn’t have a Puttshack. But what is Puttshack I hear you ask? Well, it’s the brand new concept from the guys who brought you Bounce and Topgolf, and it is 100% the best mini golf London has to offer.

The Best Mini Golf in London – Puttshack

If you’re asking why Puttshack is the most incredible mini golf London has, then let me explain. Puttshack is literally the first mini golf in London, no – the WORLD – that has made the experience tech-crazy! Say ‘goodbye’ to paper scorecards, and ‘hello’ to a live electronic scoreboard so there’s no cheating here. Even our balls have mini-computers in them! What’s more, after you’ve been at Puttshack and had the time of your goddamn life, you can login to Puttshack Social Club at home and track your performance. See, I told you it was incredible. So when are you coming down?

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