Things to Do in the City of London - Puttshack

The weather is cooling off in London, but the things to do are hotter than ever. If you’re coming to the city or planning an evening of Puttshack fun, why not make the most of your day? We’ve created an itinerary that will see you having a great day from morning until evening.

Puttshack – indoor mini golf

We’ve brought the station to life by opening the doors to our BRAND NEW Puttshack Bank venue. This gem may well be inside a grade II listed building, but you best believe there is nothing traditional about this golfing experience.

Hang up your shopping bags in the cloak room and let the fun commence – it’s time to putt around a little. We have super tech mini golf like no other – our patent protected technology will ensure that no-one gets to cheat – even if they wanted to, we see you hun!

Get all fired up by our premium menu – from Smoky Romano Peppers, Hangar Steak to Korean Pork Belly, we have it all. You don’t have to worry either, we were advised by the Bank Of England so you can enjoy a premium dining experience without breaking the bank. No pun intended.

It’s cocktail o’clock - why don't you Take on The Big Pineapple, because Who Rum The World? We City Sippers do. Thought you’d have to spend most of your night reviewing our drinks menu? Nope, we’ve made it Easy Peasy for you. All puns intended.

Now we’ve got you in the mood to party – let’s help you plan the rest of your day in the capital.

Things to do in the morning

Begin your day at The Cosy Coffee Corner. Whether you’re starting your morning with something sweet, nutritious or a simple pick-me-up coffee, there’s something to suit every morning personality.

Sky Garden

You can find food from any part of the world in London, but if you want to escape the city for a moment and still get a pretty view - the Sky Garden is the place to be. Have a little bit of everything on the menu during lunch hours and get a sweet deal whilst you’re at it.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Want to sweeten things up with your honey? Touch on your poetic side by visiting Shakespeare’s Globe. The experimental theatrical space hosts plays written by the legend himself William Shakespeare!

Bank of England

Visit the Bank of England for a sneak peek into one of the city's institutions. Admission is free Monday to Friday and you can tour 5 different galleries where you’ll find out how The Bank works to keep the price of food, television and train tickets stable (everything that makes up your day to day life).

Royal Exchange

Now you’ve had some financial advice, it’s time to spend your pennies wisely at the Royal Exchange shopping centre. Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night outfit or simply want to enjoy a drink on the roof top – it’s one of the best things to do in the City of London.

Now, let’s have a putting time!

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