Introducing: Puttshack Jams

Attention all music and vibe lovers, you’ve landed in the right place. We believe that music connects us, and at Puttshack we only play straight up jams!

From our humble beginnings in the UK and our impactful journey into the US, we’ve carved out our dream of creating a vibrant social entertainment brand that ensures music isn’t an afterthought.

Our in-venue curated playlists, DJs and live events ensure that we always bring the vibes. Whether you're bouncing at the bar, groovin’ during your mini golf or kickin’ it with the crew over dinner, believe the hype and welcome to the party!

The Remix!

We love a nerdy music find, especially when listening to a bop and getting a sense of deja vu. It’s all about connecting jams from the past and present. This is for the music geeks, or simply to have fun with your friends and fam, and discover where that sample came from. Go!

*We Jam to the artist's original vision of their music, no radio edits here. Proceed with caution if playing at work, around any kiddos, Karens and/or your grandma.*


The right choice whenever there's a choice – date night, next-level game night and a great night out. Plus, every night you're in the mood for one (or two – hey, who's counting) really good drinks at your new favorite bar.

Puttshack Couple Date Night