miniature golf

Miniature Golf

Putt your best foot forward this 2019 with a round or three of miniature golf at Puttshack.

Why you ask? Well not least because it’s one the of the coolest miniature golf bars to hit London even, but also because if you like regular mini golf, then you’re in for an even bigger treat for the eyes and the ears. It’s miniature golf from the future, with bright lights reminiscent of a club in Las Vegas, an awesome new way of scoring and four indoor mini golf courses that truly leave you wanting more. Choose to play on either Emerald, Amber, Ruby or Sapphire courses, enter the names of your party in at the kiosk and you each receive your own ball, that when places on the course, registers who you are on the screen. Cool, right? It means cheaters can no longer cheat, and it doesn’t matter what order you go in. Ahh, technology. We love you.

Puttshack is not only a rarity due to its unique concept, but also due to its location in Westfield which is now one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe. That means, quite rightly, that this miniature golf beauty is indoors. It makes sense though with all that crazy technology. But unlike traditional miniature golf courses which are outdoors, it means you can shelter from the rain and keep playing, maybe even with a rum in hand. If you can multi-task, that is.


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