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Mini Golf Essex: We’re Opening Soon!

Mini Golf Essex, oh here we go again! Some other mini golf place coming to Essex. The amount of people that have set up mini golf places that just look cheap and rubbish with windmills, trying to put the “crazy” in “crazy golf” but in reality they are not crazy at all, not even the slightest bit “crazy” and just are just an OK family day out. There is no place you can really go around with a cocktail in your hand, or even somewhere to put the cocktail down; nowhere you can sit at the bar with a Pornstar Martini in hand whilst keeping the kids in eyesight and watch them whizz around in complete chaos.


Well now you absolutely can! Puttshack is going to take Essex by storm. Mini Golf Essex is going to be a thing, not only a thing, but it is going to be big on the scene and proper day or night out.


What separates us from the average mini golf place is our technology. So you don’t need to worry about counting or tallying your score, as our machines do that for you. So cheating is definitely out of the equation, we all know that one person *cough, cough* Tracey! I’m still fuming from my 10th Birthday Party – #neverforget.


As well as the awesome tech, we have a prize wheel, (Yes a prize wheel!) where you can win a free pizza, round of golf, or drinks… How sweet would that be, sitting on the Lakeside roof terrace, watching the sunset after having beaten your friends at mini golf with a free Pina Colada in hand courtesy of the prize hole? OMG, sounds great!


Oh yes, sorry I dropped that bombshell in. Yeah, we’ve got a roof terrace so you can also top up your tan when the sun is out! Mini Golf Essex is happening soon, opening towards the end of July. Don’t get too excited…

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