things to do near bank

Things To Do Near Bank

So, you are looking for things to do near Bank after you finish work? You’ve been to all the local spots and walk past the Bank of England and The Gherkin every day. In terms of going out for activities, you’ve done darts so many times and gone up to see a panorama view of the city from a rooftop or skyscraper. You are looking for something fun to do maybe as a corporate event, a date or somewhere to go for a bit of after work fun to release some steam after a hard day’s work. Effectively liberating you away from the financial markets and rat race, taking you out of the boring office environment and into an adult playground.


That’s where Puttshack comes in. We are going to light up The City’s crazy golf scene. If you haven’t already seen us on your commute to work, we have an entrance coming in from Bank Tube Station, so you can be tempted every time you go home, and we are located at 1 Poultry right opposite The Ned. Literally we are so convenient, it would almost be rude not to come in and pay us a visit or at least beat one of your friends on the way home.


So in terms of things to do near Bank you wouldn’t normally picture crazy golf, but we are coming. Putting a twist on the traditional game of mini golf by adding technology to it. Total game changer. Then combine that with a bar stocked to the brim, with over 127 different rums (why we need so many I don’t know but still there is an abundance to try from..), as well as the restaurant with an array of mouth-wateringly healthy food, far better than those other social entertainment pretenders out there. On top of that, expect a buzzing atmosphere with our DJ on hand to ensure that it really is an adult playground.


The venue is designed by Russell Sage, making you feel like you are in Las Vegas, with unbelievable array of design elements and lights popping from everywhere, wishing you had a mini golf venue like this when you were 10 years old. I mean seriously if you are looking for things to do near Bank, I can almost guarantee you won’t find a better mini golf place around.

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