puttshack family club

Puttshack Family Club

We love families here at Puttshack, so we’ve created Puttshack Family Club, a time when you and your kids can come and experience Puttshack.

To enjoy Puttshack Family Club:
• Book your tee times online, or at the in-venue kiosk
• Family Club is open to all ages but kids must be at least 7 years old to be allowed on the mini golf course so keep this in mind when planning
• For safety reasons, there must be at least one supervising adult per group of five 12 and unders. Unsupervised 12 and unders will not be allowed on the course

Price: £6.50 (7-12 years old)

Under 18 tee times are available: Sun-Thurs until 6pm, Fri and Sat until 4pm.

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