Top 5 Reasons To Plan Your Office Holiday Party at Puttshack

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With the office AC cranking and summer Fridays in full swing, it hardly feels like it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. But as we all know...and as some of us learn the hard way each year, office holiday party season will be here before you can say ho-ho-hole-in-one. Looking for somewhere to host this year’s company outing or trying to give the office manager some ideas? Here are 5 reasons why Puttshack is the answer:  

1. Effortless Planning and Sales Team Assistance 

The holidays are meant to be joyful and relaxing, although the corporate world seems to miss that memo every year. With all the meetings that could easily be emails and tight deadlines before heading off on winter break, planning a corporate event can feel like a second full time job... unless you book it at Puttshack. Our expert sales team is here to handle the details – from scheduling your game(s), to team registration, to food and drinks and everything in between– so you can have fun watching your coworkers on the dance floor... or maybe even jump in, yourself!  

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2. Customizable Packages

We understand that no two office parties look the same. For some, it’s a more intimate team-building activity, while for others it’s a company-wide bash. Some need to accommodate dietary restrictions, while others need to consider the foodies and those who like to taste the wide variety of cocktails. And of course, some are looking to mingle over cocktails, while others have been waiting all year for some cross-department rivalry.  

Regardless of which description fits the mold, there’s no better way to get the party started than with our globally-inspired menu. From first sip to the very last bite, we bring our guests on a journey of upscale flavors both from around the world and your own backyard. Simply put, we’ll serve you food that’ll make you crave seconds, unlike that bar food you’re used to.  

Enjoy one of our most popular packages, or plus up your event with extra food options to satisfy those big appetites, like Steve’s. And for the serious competitors out there, opt for an additional game of mini golf to increase your chances of taking home the crown!  

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3. Private and Semi-Private Spaces

With so much going on during the winter months, sometimes it makes practical sense to celebrate the holidays AND your appreciation for your colleagues all at once. If you’re looking to give a mic’d presentation, host an award ceremony, or just looking for some reclusion, we know how important it can be to have a semi-private or fully-private event space. Having your party at Puttshack means getting your own reserved seating area and/or courses where your Event Ambassador will assist with drink orders, as well as making sure your event runs seamlessly from the first hello to the last victory dance.  

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4. Team-Bonding Opportunity

Most offices have a pretty diverse group of associates. While this can make for a great balance of strengths, opportunities, and interests in the workplace, it can also make it exceedingly more challenging to plan an event that has something for everyone to love. And something tells us that another ugly Christmas sweater party in the board room won’t quite do the trick.  

Your team members are craving an experience that allows them to not only have fun, but unwind and turn off their brains. For some, this means enjoying conversation over drinks. For others, it means an outlet to channel their competitive side. Puttshack’s interactive, highly-competitive courses are equipped with our patented Trackaball ™ technology. Say goodbye to old-fashioned scorecards, pencils, and number-crunching – our golf balls keep track of every hazard, bonus point, and stroke for you (which means more hands for drinking on the course).  

With the ability to play in groups of up to 6 players, our tech-infused putt putt is a great opportunity for team-bonding, or breaking the ice and striking up some friendly competition with other departments.  

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5. A Whole Vibe

With live DJ performances on weekend evenings, 21+ atmosphere after 8pm, and a vibrant, shareworthy environment, this year’s holiday party at Puttshack will give all other companies major FOMO. Think of all the “#1 Coolest Office Manager” mugs you’ll receive after bringing the team to Puttshack, and all the memories you’ll get to relive for years to come.  

Having your holiday work party at Puttshack means out with the boxed wine and cold pizza, and in with the hand-crafted cocktails and globally-inspired shareables. It means saying goodbye to awkward board room Christmas caroling, and hello to infectious beats by the DJ booth (and watching that one colleague who never talks during meetings absolutely tear up the dance floor). It’s where office jargon turns into competitive banter, and where, for one day, winning won’t be about closing sales deals or winning a case but rather coming out victorious while playing tech-infused mini golf. And the best part is? Even HR can get behind it. Book your company holiday party at Puttshack!  

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