Where do you want to eat?

World class cuisine

Here at Puttshack, we invite you to join us for a culinary journey of global flavors, both deeply inspired by and celebrating the wonderfully diverse cultures, ingredients, and recipes (traditional and modern) from all around the world. Made in-house and of the highest quality, our eclectic shareable and street food-infused menu offers the finest and most exciting variety of dishes that will bring everyone to the table, complemented by a drink menu that can only be described as our own love letter to the history of cocktails. We hope you enjoy – and come back for another round.

-Mark Boyton, Global Vice President of Food & Beverage, Puttshack


Let's raise a glass to the sophisticated old-fashioners, beach umbrella dreamers, experimental appreciators – and everyone in between.

Puttshack Hand Crafted Cocktail


A *chef's kiss* to the perfectly sliced and spiced, expertly smoked and steamed, carefully drizzled and dipped and skillfully zested and zinged.

Puttshack overhead shot of entrees