9-Hole Scoring

Two friends celebrating on the half-pipe skateboarding ramp hole at a Puttshack

First time at Puttshack? Forget everything you thought you knew about mini golf, because Puttshack’s 9-Hole game is like nothing you’ve experienced before!  

Unlike old-school putt putt, in which the lowest score wins, our 9-Hole game is all about scoring the highest number of points. Take a look at our scoring system:  

Hole In One: +50 Points | 2 Shots: +40 Points 
3 Shots: +35 Points | 4 Shots: +30 Points 
5 Shots: +25 Points | 6 Shots: +20 Points 
7 Shots: +18 Points | 8 Shots: +16 Points 
9 Shots: +15 Points | +10 Shots: +15 Points 

Of course, we had to throw in some game-changing twists to remind you that it really could be anyone's game. Just when you think you can predict who’s going to win, think again... Say hello to supertubes and hazard traps.  


That green glowing circle is more than just a fun design feature... Sink a Supertube for some extra bonus points and a high chance of scoring a hole-in-one!   



It wouldn’t be exhilarating without an element of risk... watch out for our hazard traps to make sure you don’t lose points!  

Hit a couple hazards during your game? Don’t be so quick to throw in the putter. Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn bonus points and make a triumphant comeback.  

Well, that just about covers it! Now it’s time to put your knowledge of Puttshack 9-Hole to the test. See you on the course! 

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