Introducing... Puttsonalities!

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Everyone’s got a type... and no, we don’t mean blondes vs brunettes or brawns vs brains. Rather, everyone has their own unique personality type, or Puttsonality as we like to call them, that comes to life when you step foot on our courses. Some are natural born champions, some are all about the strategy, and others are just there for the vibes. Not sure where you fall into the mix? Take our quiz to find out!

So you’ve got your results... now what? You don’t have to be The Show Off to embrace your true colors. But if you are, more power to ya! We’re kicking off a sweepstakes on our Instagram in celebration of National Mini Golf Day and the launch of Puttsonalities. Share your results using our Puttsonality stickers (just search "Puttshack" in the GIFs section) and be sure to follow and tag us @puttshack to enter. Three lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win one year’s worth of Puttshack or a Puttsonality prize pack! See Terms and Conditions here.

Alright, real talk...Every good athlete needs a walk-up song. Heck, maybe you’re in search of a new pregame anthem, a set of tracks to help channel that main character energy, or even some tunes to soften the blow of the “L” you just took. That’s why we’ve whipped up six mini playlists, each curated to you and your specific puttsonality. They’re perfect for looking out the car window and pretending you’re in a movie on your drive to Puttshack... No? Just us?

That’s okay! We’ve got something else up our sleeves that we think you might be more on board with. While we're not busy pretending to be movie stars, you can probably find us behind the bar mixing up handcrafted cocktails. Some might call us socialites, but we like to think we’re just as eager to win at mini golf as we are to crush back a few drinks. But for all the true beverage connoisseurs out there, we’re introducing two puttsonality-inpsired secret menu cocktails: The “Try Hard with a Vengeance” (Hard Kombucha Mai Tai), and the “That’s How We Aperol” Spritz. But before you get too carried away (we get it... our drinks are dangerously good), be sure to scan the QR code on our drink coasters to check out our webpage and learn more!

Whether you’re The Show Off, The Try Hard, The Socialite, The Wildcard, The Sore Loser, or The Trickster, we’re looking forward to seeing those Puttsonalities come to life! Catch you on the course!

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