Puttshack Jams: House Party Jams

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House Party Jams

It’s official - we’re having a house party! We’ve got the holiday vibes on lock and your game plan sorted. Sleigh all day, and tell a friend to tell a friend, cos it’s the jam that everybody’s invited to!

Check out some of our track highlights from the House Party Jams playlist!

December DJ Schedule

Check out our DJ Lineups at Puttshack this month.



  • December 1: DJ Jay
  • December 2: DJ Theo
  • December 3: DJ Reggie
  • December 8: DJ Smiles
  • December 9: DJ Theo
  • December 10: DJ Kurdice
  • December 15: DJ Jay
  • December 16: DJ Theo
  • December 17: DJ Kurdice
  • December 22: DJ O
  • December 23: DJ Lillie Smallz
  • December 29: DJ Lillie Smallz
  • December 30: DJ Theo
  • December 31: DJ Lillie Smallz

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