Beat The Heat (And Your Crew)

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The sun is blazing, there’s no sign of a cool breeze in sight, and your bottle of SPF 50 is down to the last drop. Hitting up the beach sounds good on paper, but indoor summer activities, like our tech-infused putt putt, are where it’s at. Beat the summer heat (and your crew) and come chill at Puttshack

We’re all about cranking up the heat (competitively speaking, of course), and we never fail to throw shade. We get things fired up in the kitchen, just to cool down with an ice-cold cocktail. And we look spicy when we dance by the DJ booth, but just as cool when we hit hole-in-ones and offer half-off your second game on weekdays before 4pm! 

All that winning has got us thirsty af. And plus, we like to think the summer heat is a perfect excuse to try our locally-inspired cocktails. Agree with our logic? Check out the list below to see which handcrafted cocktail is unique to your local venue! 

Atlanta: Frozen Watermelon Margarita 

Oak Brook: Malört Reviver 

Miami: Frozen Aperol Coconut Margarita 

Boston: Umami Bomb Bloody Mary 

St. Louis: The Spirit of St. Louis 

Houston: Frozen Mango Tamarind Margarita 

Denver: Puttshack Paloma 

Scottsdale: Frozen Prickly Pear Margarita 

Pittsburgh: The Fussfungle 



Don’t by shy... grab a bite to eat too! With flavors from both coasts, catch us channeling our inner beachgoer all summer long. Let your taste buds catch waves with our Maryland Crab Dip, made with fresh crab, creamy spinach & artichoke dip, and house chip medley. Or surf the pacific with our chargrilled Cali Chicken Sandwich, paired perfectly with pepper jack cheese, avocado, zesty chimichurri mayo and L.T.O on toasted ciabatta. Even your little ones can join in on the fun! Grab those floaties and goggles, because we’re whipping up yummy bites for all ages.  



So what are you waiting for?! Put your wide brim hats and towels down, because summers at Puttshack are in the house!  

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