I Got It From My Mama

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Moms: They swooned over your first words and cheered you on as you took your first steps... even when you tumbled over moments later. They stayed up all night helping you finish countless homework assignments, all of which were due the next day, and they gushed over how cute you and your high school crush looked together at Senior prom. They moved you into your college dorm, sat in the front row at your graduation, and helped you apartment hunt when you were ready to flee the nest after landing your first full time job. I guess what we’re trying to say is, your mom is your biggest cheerleader, and nothing makes her happier than to see you win. So, what better place to take her on Mother’s Day than Puttshack!

From Korean BBQ Bao Buns and Mediterranean Lamb Skewers to our locally-inspired tailpipes, there’s just as much food to share with your mom as there is quality time. Whether you’re challenging her to a competitive game of putt putt, serenading her to “Stacy’s Mom” at the DJ booth, or raising a toast to your role model *cough cough your mom* with one of our specialty cocktails, you’re sure to make many unforgettable memories together. And with mini golf skills as impressive as yours (and a special photo op and complimentary flower), this Mother’s Day will be filled with lots of wins for both you and her!

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