Top 5 Reasons to Visit Puttshack

Friends high fiving at a Puttshack

From first dates to bachelorette parties, family game night to class reunions, and corporate events to nights out with the crew, Puttshack is the universal answer to the question, “where should we get together?”... and here’s why: 

A group of friends celebrating together on a 9-hole mini golf course

1. Everybody is Welcome 

Puttshack brings everyone into play, with ADA accessible courses in every venue and sensory kits provided by Kulture City. A fusion of cutting-edge technology and nod to the nostalgic games you grew up on, Puttshack’s 9-hole game appeals to players of all generations. And to top it all off, it doesn’t matter if you’re a season golf pro or have never picked up a putter in your life. Our courses give you bonus points for completing specific challenges, and opportunities to get “automatic” hole-in-ones that make it anyone’s game. 

A shot of someone winning a free drink from the Wheel of Fortune hole at Puttshack

2. The Tech-Infused Game 

Puttshack is a modern, tech-infused spin on the classic game of mini golf. Put down the paper scorecards and pencils, and say goodbye to manual scoring! Our golf balls are engineered with our patented Trackaball technology, and keep track of every stroke, bonus point, and overall score. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? No cheating! 

Our golf balls aside, many of Puttshack’s concourses have an added interactive element. Put your trivia skills to the ultimate test at our True/False and Trivial Puttsuit holes, aim for the freshman cup at our life-sized Beer Pong hole, or earn bonus points playing our Connect 4 hole.  

Are you in the Dallas Fort Worth area? Don’t miss out on our brand new Challenge Hole experience, where you and your crew can go head-to-head in a series of games AND indulge in delicious food & drinks while you play– all at your very own semi-private suite.  


An aerial shot of different food items from Puttshack

3. Crave-Worthy Food & Drinks 

Come to Puttshack for the game, stay for the food and drinks! We’re not your traditional bar menu with greasy wings and hockey pucks being served under the guise of “burgers.” We offer guests an elevated culinary experience with globally-inspired shareables like Woodfired Octopus, BBQ Bao Buns, Rendang Lettuce Wraps, and Bacon Jalapeño Cheeseburgers to name a few... In other words, we’ve got something for every palate, every craving, and vegan/vegetarian/gluten-friendly bites for every dietary need! And the best part is, some of our locally-inspired dishes even have a charitable tie! 

Whether you choose to dine with us or not, be sure to check out our signature cocktail menu. A twist on your favorite classics, our cocktails as just as tasty as they are captivating... which have you SEEN our cocktails?! Smoke-filled treasure chests, popsicle garnishes and rainbow hues are what we do best. Bring your drink on the course as you play or raise it to the ceiling as you dance by the DJ booth.  


A couple of friends posing together at the Connect 4 hole at Puttshack

4. Weekday Offer 

In the spirit of being accessible to all guests, we have a weekday offer you won’t want to miss! Visit any of our U.S. locations on weekdays before 4pm, and get 50% off your second game of 9-hole mini golf!  


A group of friends doing a drink cheers at Puttshack

5. Events & Parties 

We’re suckers for a good party! With private and semi-private event spaces, an expert sales team to assist with planning, and customizable food & beverage packages, it’s no surprise we’re everyone’s favorite spot to throw the party of the year.  

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