Valentine's Day - Green Relationships

Two patrons at Puttshack laughing over drinks

In a world where society seems to have a rule for just about everything, from how to twirl spaghetti to the proper way to fold socks, there's surprisingly little guidance on what to do when you find yourself entering a new relationship right before Valentine's Day.  

It’s likely you’re not quite ready to dive headfirst into formal candlelit dinners or spend 24 hours living in a Hallmark flick. But that doesn’t mean you need to put the kibosh on celebrating Valentine’s Day altogether. Activity-based dates, like tech-infused mini golf, are the perfect way to add a lighthearted twist to your date night– where the focus is more on getting to know one another and creating new memories, than it is on professing your unequivocal love.  

Say goodbye to awkward small talk and nervous jitters. If playful banter is your love language, every missed putt and triumphant hole-in-one becomes a chance to exchange teasing remarks and bellyaching laughs. Plus, Puttshack has an extensive menu of hand-crafted cocktails, aka liquid courage, that you can bring on the course with you as you play!  

If one-on-one dates aren’t in the cards quite yet, consider going on a double date! Not only is Puttshack’s tech-infused game a group-friendly experience, but we’ve got an extensive shareable menu, perfect for every palate and dietary need.  

With vibrant courses and an atmosphere that's buzzing with energy, Puttshack provides the perfect backdrop for capturing those picture-perfect moments with your new flame. Snap a selfie as you conquer the course or capture a candid shot of your date mid-laugh. Nothing says "relationship goals" like a goofy selfie on the putt putt course. 

So grab your special someone and celebrate your first Valentine’s Day at Puttshack– where fun takes the lead and romance follows suit! 

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